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Video from our 2010 Open House


Loch Maple’s began the tradition of holding an annual open house back in 1997, though our first advertised open house took place three years later in 2000. We were happy to have 150 people join us then. For our second year in 2001 we decided to make things a little more interesting for people and to show them about more then just Maple Syrup. To demonstrate other skills from the old days we invited local craftspeople such as a Black Smith, Candle Maker, Spinners and Quilters to join us for the weekend and give demonstrations. We hoped to increase the interest to 200 people for the weekend. Well it worked -- only we had 400 people through for tours.

A few years ago we also started raising sheep and for the open house we invited people to view them with their new lambs. We even had a bottle lamb running around with a diaper on for the Kids of all ages to pet!

We now have an open house every year in March. The Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau and their Maple Driving loop determine the weekend, which you can find on our site.

In 2010 we had about 1200 visitors and the local TV news channel here. Randy ended up on the YouTube video you can see above.

The following photos show some of the typical activities available at a Loch's Open House. We hope to see you at our next event!


The Evaporator must constantly be fed with logs through out the syrup making process.


Front of Evaporator with Marcland Electronic Draw off system.


An open house visitor examines the 4 x 12 evaporator at syrup draw off point.


Randy explaining the process of making Syrup.


View of the sap house with steam coming out of the steam stack from back yard.


Wind blowing steam away as syrup is being made. Also a glimpse of some of the wood needed to boil the syrup.


Easter Weldon Spinner from the Old Mill Village in New Milford PA doing demonstrations for the open house.



Randy talking to a group of people visiting for the open house.


Syrup wall in Sweets and scents shop. On the 2nd day of the open house we couldn't keep the shelves full!


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